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About us

Paris by palate are a group of passionate explorers of the city of Paris introducing you to the tasty side of the city. There is much more to Paris than sight-seeing, monuments and museums. it is a gourmand's map you can explore by tasting refined products such as chocolate or wine, or enjoy a cosy picnic while savoring the finest points of French cuisine.

We tend to go beyond the common knowledge and offer you the possibility to indulge in some of the food that make up French culinary history. Take one (or all ) of our tours if you'd like to enjoy all of the first hand recommendations on what to eat and where to et at in Paris. We are always the first to go to a new bakery, new chocolate place, a hot new pastry shop - as well as to be acquainted with all the classic ones.

Important notice :

- Should you want to book a tour less then 24 hours before it is to take place, please call us or send us an sms. Otherwise we risk not seeing your e-mail.

- Should you want to cancel the tour, please do so at least two days in advance . On our behalf, if we are forced to cancel a tour, we shall always do that at least two days in advance and will offer you an alternative time/date.

- Should you be lost, or late for a tour, please give us a call. When you book, our tour guides will give you their cell phones where you can always reach them.

Sincerely, your
Paris by palate team.